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Trans Gulf Quality Policy

 Trans Gulf ( Pvt ) Ltd, being a service oriented company is committed to achieve customer satisfaction through adherence to quality management systems...

Trans Gulf Group spearheads the competitive overseas job market in Sri Lanka as an internationally recognized Human Resource Consultancy, backed with over 20 years of service experience in sourcing Top Management expertise, professionals of varied disciplines, skilled professionals to suit the international industrial sector, manufacturing and finishing staff to international garment industries that cater to top US market labels and the domestic sector.

Being the one and only award winner for the most outstanding performer in this discipline, in Sri Lanka, Trans Gulf Group has also diversified interests in the fields of Travel & Tour, Advertising, Haj Pilgrimage & Umra.

The Group takes pride of being the winner of the Youth Employment Services Award awarded by the United Nation Friendship Organization in 2008.

The Group is also equipped with modern technology and a dedicated staff committed to fulfill the aspirations of local individuals as well as the overseas giants in their search for disciplined manpower in a competitive arena, while leading topmost clients in the Gulf region depict their clear impression of the hallmark of Trans Gulf's earned reputation as well.

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