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 Trans Gulf ( Pvt ) Ltd, being a service oriented company is committed to achieve customer satisfaction through adherence to quality management systems...
Chairman's Message

 Our company is dominating the business of foreign employment being in the field from the year 1990, together with my experience in the Human Resources Department of a US based multinational company, where the work force was in the region of approximately 5,000 multi nationals.

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in recognition of my vast experience and knowledge in the foreign recruitment industry has appointed me to be a member of the advisory committee to the Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion.


We excelled extremely well to win the prestigious award for the Most Outstanding Foreign Employment Agency in Sri Lanka in the year 2001, awarded by the Ministry of Labour. We didn’t stop at that. The momentum of our drive and popularity spread to all corners of the world of overseas employment. The contribution made to the welfare of Sri Lankan youth was so great that in the year 2008, we were awarded the SUNFO Youth Service Award by the Sri Lanka United Nation Friendship Organization. Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment didn’t fail to recognize our ever increasing commitment to the task of foreign employment, and in the year 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion paved the way for us to be the first among the Four Star winners at the Excellence Awards ceremony.   

In our race for supremacy in the field of foreign employment, we are proud to say that we have both the interest of the foreign clients and the job seekers at heart, and their security is always assured. Our doors are always open to all genuine and honest persons involved in our industry.